Citizens initiative

In Finland the citizens ´initative of euthanasia has proceeded to the Finnish Parliament. Presently it is being considered in the Social Affairs and Health Care Committee

As initiators of the citizens ´ initiative there was a group of well known politicians, ex-parliament member and EU-
representative Mr. Esko Seppänen as their leader. The initiative collected altogether 63.000 names in less than two months. although there would have been still half a year left. 50.000 names is needed for an initiative to pass to the Parliament.

This has started a strong discussion among the Finnish poticians of the need of euthanasia, for and against. A
remarkable part of the politicians seems to support the legalization of euthanasia.
In the last decades the support of euthanasia in Finland among the citizens has been 70-80%depending of the
questionaire, whereas the number of opponents has been approximately
10%. Also among the medical doctors the support of euthanasia has climbed evenly, being now 50%, though the
directorship of the Finnish Union of Medical Doctors tries to oppose it. Among the nurses the support of euthanasia is
approximately 70%.

The Finnish Euthanasia Association Oikeus Arvokkaaseen Kuolemaan ry (formerly Exitus ry)  has been working from 1993 on to have euthanasia legalized. Also many members of the Parliament have brought forward the issue of euthanasia during the past years. However now
this citizens initiative and its passing to the Parliament is an important milestone. It is a proof of the fact that Finns are
ready to accept a law regulating euthanasia.

For further information contact Mr. Jukka Hacklin

Here are some links in English of YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) from their news of euthanasia from the passed



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